About me

My name is Marek and I am the creator of PixelWars. I am a longtime game developer and a gamer but although all the new AAA games are so impressive and so realistic as time went by I felt less and less drawn to them. I realised they are lacking that spirit of the games from the past: Secret of Monkey Island, Another World, Cannon Fodder and so on.
PixelWars is a tribute to these times. When games required imagination and allowed to create our own reality not just reflecting the one around us.
PixelWars is an online multiplayer game played in realtime and as such requires game servers. Unfortunately server infrastructure is expensive but I am determined to keep this game free. If you would like to support me please click on one of the ads or consider donating so I can keep this game alive. This will help a lot.
For ideas, comments and updates check out my Twitter
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!